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Owning a second home is a special blessing because of the many advantages that it can provide.  A second home is not only a unique retreat for you and your family;

it is also a great source for additional income. At New Spirit Vacation Homes we can manage your second home around your personal schedule while still booking guests and bringing in earnings.  With over 30 years of combined staff experience, New Spirit Vacation Homes achieves only the best in Homeowner and Guest satisfaction! Our professional team will do all the work for you so that you can enjoy all the benefits without the stress.  New Spirit Vacation Homes will market your exceptional home along with our list of luxurious vacation rentals. 

The reasons that set New Spirit Vacation Homes apart from its competition:
• Professional and Friendly Personal Services to our Homeowners and Guests
• Quality over Quantity
• Exceptional Customer Service
• In-House Cleaning Service and Maintenance Staff
• 24 Hour Customer Service
• Home Security and Monitoring
• Curated Inventory of Homes

What down side could there be to making up to an additional $55,000 a year? 

Please call us at (909)910-5005, visit our website at or stop by our office at 54325 North Circle Drive in Idyllwild for more information or to view pictures of our amazing vacation homes and getaways!

+++These financial estimates vary depending on home amenities+++

“My wife and I were very skeptical about putting our cabin up for rent because we did not want to deal with marketing it, screening renters, managing the cleaning, repairing, etc. Also, we were not sure we would make any money at renting and if so, would it be worth the hassle. After doing some research on a few companies in the area that managed vacation rentals, we settled on trying New Spirit because we clicked with Monica and liked the idea that she was actually interviewing us. New Spirit does not take all cabins, they seem to cater to the better properties. Even though they charged slightly more, I felt that if Monica delivered on what she said they would do, it was worth it. I’m so glad we did it. New Spirit has performed exactly as was promised. The cabin is rented most every weekend and it is now completely paying for itself. We have had very little repairs required and for those times when something needed repair, it was recovered from the renters. An added benefit which I initially did not contemplate is when we go up to stay at the cabin, we are treated like guests too in that the deck is clean of pine needles and New Spirit coordinates the cleaning at a discounted fee. Monica’s responsiveness is awesome. She is always available and follows through on her word.” 
Chris S. Executive Qualcomm Corp.

"My husband and I had listed our property on VRBO and managed all the bookings ourselves for five years. Through that time, we had also allowed New Spirit to list our property and procure bookings for us. After a successful partnership with them for several years, we decided to hand over all bookings to New Spirit. We are making more money and not have to do anything! It's the best of both worlds. Far exceeded our expectations in making our rental property more profitable and easier to own."
Brian J. - Senior Corporate Counsel, Fortune 250 Company 

"As a former Idyllwild Inn owner and resident of Idyllwild for over 50 years I am delighted to have found Monica and Michael with "New Spirit Vacation Homes" to manage our home as a vacation rental. The occupancy rate is much higher than I expected and they have taken care of the property well. They are very conscientious and I am grateful for everything they do to achieve revenue for us while keeping our home secure and well kept."

"I want to thank Michael and Monica for taking such great care of my property in Idyllwild, CA. They are so quick in getting back to you if you need or question anything. If there is a problem that need to be fixed they always run it by you first or let you know what's going on so I trust them 100%. With just one suggestion from them I was able to double my income. Wow! Thank you two so very much for everything you do for me. Owning a second home has become such a blessing with you two as my business partners."
K. S. American Airlines